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ESSAY ON DENGUE FEVER (530 words) OUTLINES Introduction History and prevalence of dengue in different countries Symptoms Causes Treatment Conclusion Nowadays many people suffer from dengue. Dengue fever is an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes and caused by any four related dengue viruses.
These useful essay writing tips and 12 interesting facts will help you to write a great essay on dengue fever.
Dengue fever (pronounced "DEN-gi") is an infectious disease caused by the dengue virus. People get the dengue virus from mosquitoes. Dengue fever is also called break-bone fever, because it can cause so much pain that people feel like their bones are breaking. Most people with dengue fever can get better just by
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Dengue Fever essays Dengue fever is a flu-like viral disease common throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, mainly in urban and peri-urban areas. Today, it afflicts an estimated 50 million to 100 million in the tropics (Epstein, 2000). The virus has four antigenically re.
Dengue fever has been around for 70 years in the U.S. It started to increase in the 1960s; 100 million people were infected yearly. Dengue fever occurs...
Describe a time when the health authorities carried out fogging in your area. Dengue fever is an ever-present threat in our country and often the health authorities carry out fogging to destroy the adult Aedes Egypti mosquitoes that carry the disease-causing virus. We heard that one of our neighbors was hospitalized with
Dengue Fever Essay. 1840 Words 8 Pages. Show More. The Dengue Virus, although virtually unknown in the United States, is prevalent in Latin America and Asia. It is also known as the breakbone fever. Transmitted by mosquitoes, the Dengue Virus causes rashes, headaches, and muscle pain. The hemorrhagic form of
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